McDonald & Harman


Gender Rights

We advocate for people who are harassed, assaulted, singled out, or discriminated against because of their sex or gender.

  • Gender Discrimination Suits
  • Plaintiff Sexual Harassment Suits
  • Plaintiff Sexual Assault Representation
  • Civil Rights Law

Animal Rights

We represent animals who have been injured, mistreated, or whose dignity has been diminished or denied, as well as their guardians.

  • Defense at Dangerous Dog Hearings
  • Administrative Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Veterinary Malpractice
  • Pet Trusts
  • Civil Rights Law


Suzanna Harman, a founding partner of McDonald & Harman, is an animal and civil rights advocate who passionately seeks justice for human and nonhuman animals inside and outside of the courtroom. At McDonald & Harman, Suzanna leads the animal rights division and shares jointly with Marissa McDonald in handling the firm's gender rights issues.
As one of McDonald & Harman’s founding partners, Marissa McDonald advocates strongly on behalf of her clients, while promoting their empowerment. Marissa directs the firm’s gender rights division and shares jointly with Suzanna Harman in handling the firm’s animal rights matters.