Administrative Law

Dangerous Dog Hearings

Is the Department of Animal Control threatening to euthanize or take away your dog? Is Animal Control trying to impose mandatory obedience training, muzzling restrictions, or enclosure requirements on you? Did your dog bite a person or another animal? Are you being told your dog is potentially dangerous or vicious? You would do anything to protect your dog, and we can help. We offer flat-fee representation for dangerous dog hearings and appeals.

Administrative Hearings on Behalf of Pet Owners

Is someone threatening to take your dog away? Has someone complained about your pet? Are you trying to protect your dog from being muzzled? As a dedicated pet guardian, you would do anything for your pet. Just like you would take your pet to the veterinarian and buy him or her the best pet food, you can hire us to help keep your loved one at home and happy.

Title IX Hearings against Schools and Universities

Have you been harassed at your school? Did the school or staff allow the harassing behavior? Were you sexually assaulted on your campus and want to take action? We represent plaintiffs and sexual assault victims in Title IX hearings and other administrative hearings involving schools and universities.

Civil Rights Law

First Amendment and Freedom of Speech Suits

Were you jailed or detained in violation of your right to free speech? Are authorities preventing you from exercising your First Amendment rights? Were you wrongfully punished for your involvement at an activism event or while lawfully protesting? We can help protect the rights granted to you by the Constitution of the United States and the State of California.

Plaintiff Discrimination Suits

Is the government or a business discriminating against you because of your sex, gender, or sexual orientation? Is an entity covered by the ADA refusing to let your service animal into their building? McDonald & Harman will fight for your civil rights. We can help you assert your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and help protect your Constitutional rights to equal protection and due process.

Civil Rights Violations Suits

Did the police injure or shoot your dog? Did the police engage in misconduct or against you or your animal? Were you the victim of police brutality or excessive force? When police, politicians, or others purporting to act under governmental authority unlawfully deprive you of your Constitutional rights, you may have a claim for redress under Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act.

Employment Law

Gender Discrimination Claims against Employers

Were you fired, not hired, demoted, not promoted, or penalized because of your sex or gender? Are you working in a hostile work environment? Does your boss or coworker treat you unequally, unfairly, or inappropriately based on your gender? McDonald & Harman can help you navigate the administrative and legal process of bringing a discrimination claim against your employer.

Plaintiff Sexual Harassment Claims

Is your work environment making you feel uncomfortable because of unwanted physical or verbal sexual conduct? Have you been subjected to unwanted sexual advances at work? Is your coworker, boss, or supervisor behaving inappropriately towards you? Were you fired or penalized after rejecting your boss’ advances? We will guide you comfortably through the legal process to help you bring a claim against your employer, the harasser, or both. We genuinely care about advocating for you.

Plaintiff Retaliation Claims

Were you fired or penalized at work after complaining about discrimination or sexual harassment? Are you being singled out for making a complaint or reporting something to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)? If your employer’s action amounts to retaliation, we can assist you in bringing a claim against your employer.

Tort Law

Plaintiff Sexual Assault Representation

Have you been sexually assaulted? Are you now looking to bring a civil personal injury claim? We can help you sue the perpetrator, and any other responsible parties. We know that you may feel overwhelmed or apprehensive about bringing a civil suit, but we are here to help. We will approach your case with sensitivity, while advocating strongly for you.

Personal Injury Cases on Behalf of Animals

Did someone wrongfully harm or abuse your companion animal? Did your neighbor kill your dog? Are you seeking to bring an animal cruelty lawsuit or an action on behalf of an animal’s dignity? McDonald & Harman may be able to help you seek justice for the animal and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Veterinary Malpractice Suits

Have you had a bad experience with your veterinarian or their staff members that caused your pet harm? Did your pet receive a misdiagnosis, or unnecessary and improper medical treatment? If your veterinarian was negligent or violated professional standards of care, you may have a claim for veterinary malpractice.


Pet Trusts and People Trusts too!

Would you like to make sure your companion animal is cared for in the case of an accident? Would you like to create a plan for your pet if you are no longer able to take care of them? We can assist you in creating a trust that addresses your concerns to help ensure that your pet’s needs are always met.